At the first All Class Reunion in 1991 a decision was made to establish a Hall of Fame for Distinguished Alumni. The appointees were selected on their contributions to society, recognition of the nominee in their field of endeavor, and overall accomplishments after graduation from Chillicothe High School. Their pictures will hang outside the Alumni Library, reminding us that they were Cavaliers first.

Selected at the 2007 All-Class Reunion
William M. Havener, M.D., Class of 1940, Chairman of the Department of Opthalmology, OSU
Virgil W. Rinehart, Class of 1943, Naval Architect and Engineer
Carl A. Alexander, Ph.D., Class of 1946, Nuclear Propulsion and Power Expert
Larry Gates, Class of 1956, Human Resources
Philip J. Hess, M.D., Class of 1956, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon
David Canfield Smith, Ph.D., Class of 1963, Inventor of Programming and Technology
Kenneth B. Dunn, Ph.D., Class of 1969, Business and Finance
Larry R. Cox, Class of 1978, Police and DARE Officer
Everett Gallagher, Jr., Class of 1979, Wendy's International Enterprise Tax

Selected at the 2003 All-Class Reunion
Albert Hibbs, PH.D., Class of 1942, NASA Scientist
Nancy Robbins Mann, Ph.D., Class of 1943, Writer, Management Consultant and Researcher
Douglas Lee Coffland, Class of 1967, Television Producer
Rick A Evans, Class of 1974, Pastor, Travels Internationally as a religious guest speaker

Selected at the 2000 All-Class Reunion
William Burbridge Brown, '30, Supreme Court Justice
Royal D. Frey, CHS '41, Historian
Nancy Lu Conrad, CHS '45, Physician of Podiatric Medicine
Jane Rhoades Hudak, CHS '72, International Art Educator

Selected at 1996 All-Class Reunion
Susan Quinn Jacobs, '58, Professional Writer
Herbert Friedman, '43, Entrepreneur & Community Leader
Clyde Moss, Jr., '40, Military Adviser
Richard Schachne, Jr., '31 Entrepreneur and City Mayor
Myron Lynch, '70, Nuclear Physics
Dorothy Klotz, '24, Teacher
Gerald Radcliffe, '40, Probate & Juvenile Judge
Edward Kunzelman, '62, Founded Petland
Kenneth Pelfry, '55, OSU Professor of Accounting

Selected at the 1991 All-Class Reunion
R. Alan Gough '49, Artist
Leslie Hedgepath, '40, MD, Physician
William "Billy" Ireland, Class of 1898, Cartoonist
Lloyd D. Jones, '40, Military & Banker
Steve Mason, '53, President of Mead Corp.
Patricia Morgan Meyer, '52, Professor of Psychology
William Nolan, '31, Entrepreneur and Historian
Tim Nusbaum, '66, DDS, Pediatric Dentist
A. Russell Poole, '46, Commentator for Radio Free Europe
Hoyt H. Wheeland, '28, Business Executive

Any CHS graduate may nominate any graduate, living or deceased. The nominations must be in writing and include a listing of the nominee's accomplishments and why the nominee should be inducted.

The committee reviewing the nominations will consider all appropriate factors including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The nominee's contributions to society.
  • Recognition of the nominee in his or her field of endeavor.
  • Accomplishments of the nominee after graduation from Chillicothe High School.